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X-Ray Diffractometer

Redesigning an X-ray diffractometer based on an existing model which is nearly 20 years old. The client wants to have a trendy new design of the machine in order to increase their sales.

The design specifications are facelift, human-factor/ergonomic improvement, safe to operate, easy to use and maintain, use sheet metal material and bending technology, be cost effective.

The project covers a process of understanding the client, establishing measurable design specifications, preparing a realistic project plan, generating and evaluating concepts, developing the details for a viable solution, and demonstrating the effectiveness of the proposed solution.


The design pursues a clean, tidy, and simple form. The old model has messy division lines both horizontally and vertically in the front face of the equipment causing visual disturbance and distraction for users, the window section and the position of inner diffractometer are out of alignment with each other. Whereas the new design has only clean horizontal dividing lines and leaves a narrow window only showing the top part of the diffractometer in order to guide the user’s focus point to the user interface of the equipment.


Lifting up the waistline to have a compact upper body also for having a better concentration on the interface part of the machine. In addition, the lower body will be big enough to hide the inside cables which are messy, complex and disturbing.

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